Precious Metals

  • gold mining geita mine
    gold mining geita mine

Buying Gold and other precious metals?

On this page you will find info on how to buy gold and other precious metals.
So how you buy Gold, silver, Platinum, etc. The small scale miners are where you can get the gold the cheapest but in smaller quantities, but with Precious traders(K) Ltd. you can now buy in bigger quantities from the miners.
To know exactly how you by Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. from us, you can contact us for more information.

Follow the current world market price for the gold in the below charts. Since we get our gold straight from the small scale miners, DRC, and similar sources, we can keep the prices on a much better level, so that we can offer it to you at the best price.

Below you find graphs that shows you the development in the gold prices.


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